“The path always begins beneath your feet.
Where you stand right now is where your journey begins” – Buddha

Welcome to a new, improved chapter of your life, the first step to becoming the best version of yourself.
This is where we began – a resolve to seek the higher meaning of our existence beyond the mundane worries and entanglements that our thoughts and mind bring.

This is a blog based on the ancient teachings of Siddha Masters who have relentlessly served mankind out of sheer love to bring to light the meaning and esoteric dimensions of Sanatana which guides one through the journey called Life. No manual in the world explains what the True Self is, what love really is and what is this life all about except the teachings of yoga and Sanatana Dharma. If you are on this site, it’s probably because you are seeking that which you truly are in the garb of a currently challenging situation or pursuing a goal higher than yourself — one that you are willing to work on and overcome with the right guidance and become SELF reliant.

We are a group of seekers of truth who are deeply passionate about creating awareness about mental and inner wellbeing, emotional hygiene, improving mental fitness, reducing digital overload and the impact of technology on our emotional health. The greatest aim being to bring positivity and zeal for Life as regular acts of loving kindness into a world that the weaves with noise in unawareness. We do this through audio talks and our blog writings that shed light from us – Light Workers on exploration, contemplation and introspection that took us all through an inner journey from helplessness to being healed and steeped in love for the true self with teachings, scriptures and chants from the Sanatana Dharma as our guiding light to seeking refuge in that inner self whom we call the Divine Mother. Our inspiration is our Guru who has lovingly taught us to imbibe mindfulness, meditative practices and inner work. Learning the art of awareness, introspection, forgiveness, compassion and raising the consciousness to be able to touch base with the abode of Mother Divine rooted in the silence where Her Pristine Presence dwells is what this blog is about.

If this blog brings any light into your world meshed by cobwebs of the mind, we owe it to the grace of ascended Masters and the refuge of Jaganmata.

Jaganmata Pahimam – I seek refuge in the One who is the Mother of this entire Creation
Om Sri Matre Namah