Of Saints and a Sinner

June 26, 2020

Have you ever met a “Saint of Saints”? Or more appropriately, I should ask – have you met a “Guru of Saints and a Sinner”? (It is a trick question as I think of myself as a devotee of this Saint of Saints ;-).)

I am sure you have, because only He can stretch the 24 hours in a day, day after day, to do things which a normal person would take a lifetime to achieve.

But I will not talk here about His immense grace on me and numerous mystical and material happenings I continue to experience. I would rather be talking about His several “Devotee Saints”. I will further confine myself to speak only about my firsthand experiences with these Saints. And of course, I will not name names, lest these Saints feel offended for taking their name in same breath as their Master.

• A renunciate and an amazing author, who can be ruthlessly critical of herself in one of her famous books, so that people may find comfort from their own shortcomings. I experienced her Grace at an event in the Master’s abode. The Ashramas usual was overflowing with devotees during that event, and it being lunchtime, people were enjoying sumptuous feast. She was standing at the makeshift dining area (where now there is beautiful Dining Hall), patiently listening to people, while some other devotees were gently reminding her to have some food. When I approached her, she immediately agreed to give her time to me. When I began to explain to her my pet malady, she sensed my acute state of mental discomfort and took hold of my hand in such a compassionate way that I began to cry. Her desire to help me in any which way was so evident that something started thawing inside me. The feeling of relief was such that even after some days when I was returning to the country I work in, there were tears in my eyes throughout the flight of about 6 hours. As not to make a spectacle of myself, I had to retreat to an empty seat at the back.

• A remarkably successful dentist in USA, who while effortlessly balance duty of a housewife, is spreading the Words of Her Master and helping people in their spiritual journey. And talking about spreading the word, she has so beautifully expounded on such esoteric text as Sri Tripura Rahasya and Sri Lalita Sahasrnam. Among the gems, on the YouTube channel, are practical ways to manage the mind/emotions like “Mind and Divine” series and “Depression to devotion” series. While this in itself is great benediction, I experienced her grace when she led me into deep guided meditation (through an hour of long-distance call!!!) which uprooted really deep-seatedpersonality quirks and impurities in me.

• A housewife in Delhi, whom the Master once mentioned as “one of His true devotee”. She sees her Swami in every person and thus strive to help whoever needs it and god knows there are plenty. I felt her Grace to be like that of a “Gopi” to us “Udhavas”.

• A householder in Lucknow, about whom the Master has once written to be a “very kind person”. He ones asked the Master to write His memoirs and the Master obliged. The rest, as they say, is history. His Grace on me is too many to list down here but suffice to say that even if the Maa Jagdamba Herself come to him and ask for a boon; he will ask for wellbeing of me.

List of the “Devotee Saints” is long and life is short :-), so I better stop here. But I urge you to go on and find your own “devotee Saints” and you may realize (as I have) that it is only the Master who is working through them.

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Sorabh Agarwal

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