Samanadhika Varjitha

March 3, 2020

Samanadhika Varjitha– In the world, there is nothing that is equal to or higher than the Universal Mother. It is not within the reach of either gods or men, to understand the universal plan of Mother. Her plan is multi dimensional, subtle and abstract. Hence no individual soul can become equal to her nor can hope to go beyond her net. When she chooses to show up for you, she very often shows up as ecstasy.
Ecstasy is a feeling of deep pulsing joy that is hard to convey and impossible to ignore, that would infuse the air with a subtle sensation of being surrounded by a soft waves of embracing love.
I wish for all of us the blessings of the Divine Mother who lives within us as energy and vitality, as consciousness and knowledge. She always takes care of you, protects you and guides you, and in Her infinite love leads you to the cosmic consciousness.

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