Story of Shri Ramkrishna

March 3, 2020

The Gospel of Shri Ramkrishna

Live in the world like a maidservant in a rich man’s house.
She performs all the household duties, brings up her master’s child, and speaks of him as ‘my Hari’.
But in her heart she knows quite well that neither the house nor the child belongs to her.
She performs all her duties, but just the same her mind dwells on her native place.

Likewise, do your worldly duties but fix your mind on God.
And know that house, family, and son do not belong to you; they are God’s.
You are only His servant.

I ask people to renounce mentally.

I do not ask them to give up the world. If one lives in the world unattached and seeks God with sincerity, then one is able to attain Him.

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