February 27, 2020

Sri Datta, whose very being was love, said gently: “Oh child Bhargava! Lucky are you – your mind being thus disposed.

“Just as a man sinking in the ocean suddenly finds a boat to rescue him, so also your virtuous actions of the past have now placed you on the most sacred heights of Self-Realisation. That Devi Tripura, who is the conscious core of the heart and therefore knows each one intimately, swiftly rescues Her unswerving devotees from the jaws of death, after manifesting Herself in their hearts.

“Investigation is the Sun for chasing away the dense darkness of indolence. It is generated by the worship of God with devotion.

“When the Supreme Devi is well pleased with the worship of the devotee, She turns into vichara in him and shines as the blazing Sun in the expanse of his Heart.

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